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Now you can manage your

  • Bookkeeping

  • Finances

  • Human Resources and 

  • Data processing 

...without a staff!

The One Source for Outsourcing

Sharpp Data Management is your single source for a full array of financial and administrative services.  Our highly trained and competent staff handles your work off-site, reducing your management time and overhead.

Bookkeeping Whether your bookkeeping requires two or more employees or just a part-timer, we can provide total services including:  payables, receivables, check writing, time and expense reporting, general ledger, and more.

Finances We can help manage your finances with sound cash management systems, job tracking, inventory control, account balancing, and a myriad of regular monthly reports, customized to your needs.

Human Resources For some clients, we organize and maintain employee records, tracking the details of new hires, reviews, raises and terminations. 

Data Processing A variety of customized services are available for word processing and database management.

Office Organization Some clients need help implementing sound office management systems.  We can provide short-term staffing solutions that provide long-term results.


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